We offer a peace of mind with our monthly website maintenance and emergency services.

Little tweaks and changes will need to be made all the time, and if your website is a Content Management System (CMS) than updates are necessary. You see, for security reasons CMS systems such as WordPress, Drupal, Joomla and others continually have new security updates whether it’s a plugin, or the core of the CMS. The same could be said about custom developed websites too. Third party development sites such as for CSS, PHP, JavaScript, and/or other plugins will also need to be reevaluated due to any updates those developers have made. Sometimes when making updates to your website something may stop working such as your shopping cart, or the website as a whole. It’s ALWAYS recommended to take part of some type of monthly maintenance package so that your website is always up-to-date and fully functional. The last thing you want to do is advertise your business and/or website and it doesn’t function as your users expect it to!

Whether there is a simple price change on your website or you’re in need of some personalized consulting services, Face Media Company is your one stop shop!

Let’s dig in a little deeper into what each maintenance service may include…

Tier level updates: Do you have an update you need to make on your website? Maybe you don’t know how to make that update or simply don’t have the time. The experts at Face Media Company can make website security updates, changes or upgrades for you quickly so that your business doesn’t skip a beat and you offer your users a higher caliber of functionality.

Consulting: We will be happy to make recommendations and suggestions to your overall digital marketing strategy. We’ll help put together a plan that will incorporate whatever marketing goals you are trying to accomplish whether it be online or in print.

Analytical reporting: It’s important to know what is and what is not working so you can continue to improve. Therefore, analytical reporting is crucial to your business. Find out how businesses and people learned about you and where you are getting the most Return on Investment Return On Investment (ROI). When working with Face Media Co., you will be provided with more insight to drive a smarter marketing strategy.

Advertising management

Search Engine Authentication: What most companies do is spend all of this money on their own websites, but they forget the most important parts of authenticating their website. Face Media Co. works hard to ensure your website has been properly submitted to the large search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo. Once were completed your websites pages, posts and images will be available for search engines to crawl properly.

Emergency services: We get it, emergencies happen! That tweak needs to be made right away, we can help. That color needs to be changed right away, we can do it! If you have a site crash or malware injection, we can help your site get back up and running as fast a possible. Whatever your emergency, we can help!

Newsletters: Do you have a weekly or monthly email that you like to send to your database? It’s a great way to keep your customers, past customers and future customers engaged and in the loop. Let them know of a deal you have going on or tell them about your latest accomplishments. You supply us with your content, we’ll create the theme, organize your email list and send it out when it’s going to get the best and most clicks/views. Whether you like to use MailChimp, Constant Contact, AWeber or any other third-party email marketing platform, we can help make emailing easier!

Have something else in mind that you’d like to be sure to include in your monthly website or marketing maintenance plan? The professionals at Face Media Co. can help with whatever monthly maintenance your business is looking for. Contact us today to learn more about how we can make your business run smoother every single month.