Build your e-commerce website by finding the right company with selling experience.

If you have an e-commerce website, you may be feeling overwhelmed. From updating or updating products to managing your online inventory and fulfilling orders, it can be a lot to manage. The good news is that Face Media Company is here to take some of the stress out of your online business.

Face Media Co. can manage a variety of different aspects of the e-commerce website including:

  • Develop, refresh or update your e-commerce website
  • Assist in managing, listing and keeping your products properly updated
  • Create product content and descriptions as an outsider
  • Photograph and create videos specific to your products

Your business runs more effectively when all its processes are streamlined. It also works better when you have your employees and contractors working on tasks they all can excel at.

Have you ever looked at a website and the images sell you on making that purchase? Perhaps this is because the images were eye catching or the videos were helpful and informative to the you and your wants or needs.

Statistics show that showing more images of a product will help with the overall conversion rates and having videos will also contribute to increased conversions. Depending on your product providing more than necessary information is always better than not providing enough information. You have SEO for organic searchability, proper inventory so that your products appear if they are available, multiple images to help sell the product and let’s not forget the most important part… a functional shopping card that won’t confuse potential buyers! If any of these things on your website are lacking you’ve lost a conversion, and that means you’ve lost your sale!

Conversions can work in many ways such as;

  • Purchasing of a product or service
  • Wanting to receive a quote
  • Filling out your contact form
  • Clicking on your phone number to call your company
  • Downloading a catalog

Once you’ve gained that conversion, you’ll probably need to know how someone came to your website in the first place. You should include conversion tracking. Conversion tracking will give you a much better insight as to how your visitors are finding you. Was it an online advertisement? Was it a remarketing or retargeting campaign? Was it organic or direct? Whatever it is we can help you find it!

We have worked with many companies that sell online. We’ve worked with some companies that were wanting to convert their product information into an e-commerce website, we’ve worked with other companies have been contemplating creating an e-commerce website. One of the things we really love to do is judge your website, its functionality, its SEO, images and so on. It helps us understand the website based on your goals, but it also helps us realize your websites potential.

Our team understand there is a lot that goes into your e-commerce website and business. If you do not have eye catching images and well-written information your products won’t convert. Let Face Media Co. use their vast array of skills to help you sell more products.

For more information about our e-commerce management services, contact us today.