Give your customers step-by-step installation instructions that are clear, concise, and convert.

If your company includes installation instructions with your products, then you obviously know how important these instructions are to help describe how your product works and how to properly install it.

Have you thought about enhancing your instructions for the latest trends? What are those trends? That part is easy, it’s all about content, but what is content? Content is anything from text to videos, but how does a company clearly and accurately get their purchasers to understand their instructions?

The last thing your company wants is for customers to be confused on how to use and install your products after their purchase. This not only leaves a bad taste in their mouth, but you can end up spending unnecessary time on the phone explaining the installation process when you could be focusing on more important things for your business.

That is why the team at Face Media Company include installation instructions as part of our marketing services.

Pictures, content or videos? What is better for your needs?

Many companies prefer a video installation instruction, but we say both! Some people may not have a computer, or smart device available to them. For SEO purposes it’s also good idea to have written instructions to be available for printing or download, and video instructions to be viewable on your website, Youtube, Facebook or any other social network.

People are visual learners. Therefore, pictures are an important part of the installation instructions. Depending on your product to your business Face Media Co. will visit you on-site, or receive your products via snail-mail, UPS, FedEx or any other delivery service and take the right pictures for your instructions. Having a complete objective third party perspective will also help explain the instructions so that in layman’s terms any installer will understand exactly how the product is put together to properly function as you and your company intended it to.

With your direction our copywriters will write the instructions, so they written as simply as possible, while being detailed so there are no confusions. Depending on the installation and the needs on your company each step can be written along with the corresponding photo, drawing, etc. for the full effect.

Face Media Co. will also assist by making a video that will help your users. We can record and edit a video of you, or your employees explaining the instruction, or contract Face Media Company to be your hands and voice. We will then finalize the video, so it looks professional and branded for your business and provide you the formats you need to upload to your website, YouTube, or just to have available when needed. Whether it is a video of how to set up a specific product or a video how to complete a certain task, we will help to get the job done!

If you have any questions regarding installation instructions or creating helpful content for your products or services, contact Face Media Co. today. We will be sure to answer them and will even be happy to provide you with a free quote. We look forward to hearing from you!