You know your business, but you may not know how to market it correctly.

Learn from our presentation, conferences and hot-to seminars from experts that understand marketing no matter the business.

Imagine having someone come to a seminar you are having and speak about digital marketing or marketing in general. The team at Face Media Company are the leading experts in many different topics related to marketing and are happy to give a talk, seminar, presentation, or how-to tutorial about any of our listed services.

Seminars could include:

  • How to gauge your websites online performance!
  • It’s possible to save money by advertising online!
  • E-Commerce websites, do I need to spend a lot to get my store online?
  • Photography techniques that sell!
  • The right social media for the right business!

Is a real estate broker wanting to teach your agents about the importance of social media? Are you a business professional wondering how to run the right print or online advertising? Are hosting a seminar, or conference and looking for an expert to speak? Your search is now over. Having been a speaker at a plethora of seminars and conferences the team at Face Media Company are here to help educate.

We can show you strategies on how your business can save money when advertising, whether it be online or through other avenues such as magazines. How to effectively negotiate with those publications correctly and when advertising online, when to say “no” to large online advertising companies like Google Ads. Many businesses click on certain buttons that are not helping their advertisement to be optimized correctly, and most of the time it will cost you more. We will show you exactly what your business should appear to your customers or clients behind the scenes, so you don’t waste another penny on ads that are just not converting, getting clicks or impressions.

Whether you have a large group of professionals or you are looking for one-on-one support, our experts can take you through each step of whatever marketing type process you need and want.

Marketing comes in many forms and finding the right path that will help secure your businesses future. If we don’t evolve with the market, then we take a chance that our competitors will.

We are always flexible with our consulting services based on what you and your businesses wants and needs. Give us a call or fill out our contact form and let us know exactly what you need help with. We’ll provide you a free quote! For more information, contact us today.